Content Management Systems (CMS) vs. Open Source CMS

CMS (content management systems) for websites have existed in different forms for several years. While these systems have always provided a means for non-technical personnel to update and sometimes manage content, until recently the majority of these systems negatively impacted Internet marketing efforts.

Open source means that the application is built in a "non-compiled" code format. Any developer is permitted to use the application and make whatever changes to the code they require to meet their needs. In most cases the base product is offered to the open source community free of charge. Developers who implement the product continually build new modules and applications that are compatible with the system. This means that rather than having one company responsible for upgrading the system, in many cases you will have open source communities consisting of thousands of developers who are continually building new modules and improvements.

Miller Media does not lock you into a proprietary content management system, but chooses to use open source content management systems. With today's new generation of "open source" CMS systems many of the former weaknesses of content management systems have now become strengths. Rather than negatively impacting Internet Marketing efforts, these platforms make it easier to implement and manage content and make managing Internet Marketing efforts more efficient.