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The Miller Media team offers managed hosting and support for 10,000+ sites from all around the world.

Miller Media Hosting Platform

Bandwidth and Resources
Our systems are connected directly to redundant 10GB scalable network connections. By default, each site receives 12 GB RAM, 6 CPU Cores and 100 GB of SSD disk space. These resources will be scaled based on the requirements of your application.

Hardware and Software

The Miller Media network is built with Dell hosting servers, Samsung SSDs and Arista networking equipment.
Custom systems are complimented by Cloudlinux, CageFS and LVE, providing clear instance separation and flexible resource allocation.
Miller Media has co-located and hardened data center in Troy, Michigan and Barcelona, Spain. These datacenters are SAS 70/SSAE 16 compliant.
Troy Datacenter Hardened Infrastructure

Data Backup

Backup Methods
Database backups are saved locally to /backups folder outside of the root folder of the applications. Database archives are stored in .sql.bz2 format.

Database backups are created twice daily for every site.

The local database backups are overwritten after 7 days, however the remote file backups contain these databases, which are retained for an additional 14 days.
Backup Method
Manually initiated from within the Client Area by the client or Miller Media team member.

These are created as frequently as are needed by the client.

Manual backups are retained within the Client Area for as long as the client would like to keep them. They can be easily downloaded at any time for archiving by the client.
Backup Method
File and database synchronization occurs between the primary site(US datacenter) and failover site (EU datacenter). The failover site is continually locked down via htaccess file lock.

Synchronization occurs daily.

The failover site(s) remain inactive to be used as needed for either staging purposes, disaster recovery or DNS failover.
Backup Method
Server level backups include the entire file structure of all sites, including the .sql.bz2 database archives. These backups are saved within Miller Media infrastructure.
Additional individual site backups will be taken via Akeeba, which will automatically be sent to a destination server of the clients choice.

Block level backups are initiated once per day at approximately 3am EST.

Daily backups are retained for 14 days.

Data Recovery

Local Database Restoration

Full Restoration
The restoration of locally stored copies of the MySQL database can be performed by the client or Miller Media staff through the Client Area. The restoration time depends entirely on the size of the restored files, however the average recovery time is 5 minutes or less.

Partial Restoration
Specific database tables can be restored upon request, however the circumstances need to be evaluated to ensure there is a complete match of data between current database and restored tables. A partial database restoration can require up to 1 hour since additional research needs to be performed to ensure data compatibility.
The live failover site remains fully extracted, so no restoration is necessary. This site is locked down, a username and password are required to access it. It’s purpose is to be a “hot copy” that remains up to date (within 24 hours of production site). It can be used as a disaster recovery option and as a staging/testing site. It is recommended that this site be located in an alternate datacenter to the primary site.

Failover Process
The live failover site remains fully extracted, so no restoration is necessary. The failover process is as simple as pointing the domain to the failover IP address.hours depending on the amount and size of the files.
Full Restoration
Upon request, Miller Media staff can restore the entirety of the files, database or both from remote backups. The ability to restore to a specific time depends entirely on the frequency of backups and resulting restore points. A full restoration of a particular site can require between 15 minutes and 2 hours depending on the size of the site and the amount of files being restored.

Partial Restoration
Specific files can be restored from any restore point by Miller Media staff. The ability to restore to a specific time depends on the frequency of backups and the resulting restore points. A partial restoration can take between 2 minutes to 2 hours depending on the amount and size of the files.

Service & Support

The Miller Media Hosting Platform is built from the ground up to be a managed LAMP (Linux, MySQL, Apache, PHP) hosting environment that offers peace of mind to clients regarding compatibility and security of every level of the platform from the hardware up to your specific application.

Logs and Log Retention

Escalation Protocol

Non-Emergency Escalation

Email requests to the following contacts:
Contact via telephone:

Emergency Escalation

Email requests to the following contacts:
Contact via telephone:

Active Monitoring

All aspects of the application and platform are monitored in real-time from external locations. This is done via ping, http requests as well as specific query strings. If a fault is found by our monitoring system, a text message, email and telephone call is made to the appropriate departments to investigate the issue immediately.
Client notifications for actively monitored sites and specific pages can be set up upon request. Query string responses can be sent to the client on up to 21 monitoring points as included in this proposal.

Platform Security

Managed Platform
Updates and audits to core systems are regularly performed. Systems are kept to a state of minimum necessary access (i.e. restrict ports, db access, etc) for security purposes.
mod_secrurity + Comodo WAF
The Miller Media platform utilizes a custom implementation of mod_security with custom rulesets along with Comodo WAF rules. These can be implemented on a site by site basis, or systemwide.
Brute Force Preventions
SSH/sFTP, FTP, MySQL and website admin area are protected from excessive login attempts via Fail2ban and mod_security.
Zero Day Security Patches
In the event that widespread security vulnerabilities are found within your application on the Miller Media platform, your application can be patched automatically as part of broad protection efforts. This typically occurs within just a few hours of the disclosure of a zero day vulnerability.

Active Antivirus Scan
This ensures additional security on file uploads and site files, Miller Media will implement mod_clamav to scan files in transit and at rest for malicious code and viruses. This service will be included on all sites.

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