Easy Digital Marketing Strategies for 2023   

2023 digital strategies

Prepping your marketing strategy for new year can be exhausting after the large amount of holiday marketing you had to accomplish in December. Here are 25 easy digital marketing strategies to help you get started for the new 2023 year:

1. Set up exclusive offers 

2. Use email marketing 

3. Update old web content 

4. Use PPC ads or Google Ads

5. Optimize your website for mobile devices

6. Invest in SEO services

7. Live-stream videos

8. Create short-form videos

9. Partner up with an influencer 

10. Use local search marketing (Google My Business) 

11. Integrate social media to your website

12. Use Google Analytics to track web visits & other data

13. Create a landing page 

14. Retarget your ads

15. Chop up long-form content into short-term content

16. Update or upgrade plugins & software 

17. Set up holiday calendar for the rest of the year

18. Send out digital coupons

19. Network with your local community or journalists 

20. Reshare popular posts 

21. Build a company blog 

22. Start a company podcast 

23. Highlight good reviews 

24. Create branded icons for your website 

25. Send out a quality service survey 

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